The Flying Cortijo

In mid 2009 we decided to create The Flying Cortijo, a studio in which to vent our concerns in the field of entertainment software.

We have the best experience, many years playing and living the evolution of the videogames since the antediluvian days when computers used cassettes and games could not be saved on consoles.

In each game we try that you have fun playing it as much as we have developing it, and attempt to achieve that detail that makes a difference and to print our personal style, even in the more traditional genres.


The Three Wise Men’s are coming, loaded with candies! Collect all the sweets you can before the parade passes and take them to your parents so that the other children don’t take them away from you.

Nothing stop you from experiencing the magic of the eve of the Three Wise Men’s Day with the candy collecting parade. A mini-game of skill for both the little ones in the house and the “big kids” who are nostalgic for the illusion of seeing what presents awaited us on the morning of 6 January.

ART, that world full of scoundrels.
But how does one become an artist? Is it enough to be a face and rich parents?… almost. That will be valid for some chosen people but the rest of the really talented people need to study and prove that they are artists with a degree.

Put yourself in the non-exciting role of an art school student and get your diploma alone and exclusively using your creative skills.

Demake of the 1998 indie game by Gotas Soft, which was made with DIV Games Studio (developed by Hammer Technologies).

Show your courage and bravery in 10 challenges so that your classmates don’t end up in hell. Lucifer’s friend “El de Lupas” will be behind you at all times waiting for your failure.

Welcome to the magical universe of Tile Land!
Peace reigned over its lands until the evil witch Malahe built machines that have enslaved its inhabitants. The prophecy says that only a pair of twins will be capable of breaking the curse. Help little Martha and Viktor free Tile Land!

Your mission is to eliminate the tiles that come out of the machines. To do this, you must form similar pairs with tiles that are adjacent or diagonal. When you can no longer make more pairs, you will lose the game.


The world was invaded by the darkness that robbed humans of their bodies. In a past life Wigyu was a child who fell through the rift that opened up when the earth broke after the cataclysm. Among wandering souls in the depths of what is left of the world Wigyu will have to find the last remnants of light.

Classic style platformers but with particular mechanics that we present for the GB Compo 2021.

The world changed a long time ago. Mankind abandoned the ruined cities and returned to living in small communities in harmony with nature. Life is harder but simpler. The dying chief of a small village gives his hunter (Buscadora) the task of finding a relic of great sentimental value.

Born from our participation in the 2017 Linux Game Jam, Buscadora is an adventure game with RPG touches and a retro look reminiscent of the old 8-bit consoles.


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