Do you really like our games? Are you so crazy that you would be able to give us money to help us? In The Flying Cortijo we have always released and will continue to release our games for free, but if you want to support us we are not who to tell you where to spend your money. 😀

We have a policy of total transparency. Below we indicate where your donations will go:

  • Hosting and domain maintenance.

  • Third-party collaborations: musicians, programmers, translators…

  • Third-party software and resources: image libraries, sound libraries…

  • Physical releases of our games.

  • Feeding the being that lives behind the fridge called Pepe.

You have different ways to collaborate with us:

If you like beer,
you can invite us

Or if you are a coffee drinker there is also an option

You can also
donate through

Even buy
merchandising in